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About the Prayer School and Hosting Guideline


(1). Historical Background of Gethsemane Prayer Ministries and Gethsemane Prayer School

The Gethsemane Prayer Ministry which started as Gethsemane PrayerA Fellowship was commissioned on May 23, 1987 as a forum for continuous and consistent teaching and practice of God?s word in prayer, fasting, praise, worship, intercession, supplication and deliverance. It was founded through God?s servant, Dr. Moses Aransiola, and now has a worldwide scope.

Gethsemane Prayer Ministries incorporates the Gethsemane Prayer Fellowship, the Gethsemane Prayer School, Gethsemane Chapels, Gethsemane Itinerant Ministry, Gethsemane Publications, Gethsemane Media, and National Prayer Mobilization.

God has used the ministry, through the Gethsemane Chapel of Life, to plant vibrant churches in some major cities of Nigeria including Abuja, Ibadan, and Lagos.

God has also used the Gethsemane Prayer School under the leadership of Dr. Moses Aransiola to run prayer schools, prayer academies, prayer conferences, and revival meetings in five continents of the world. Since its inception in 1993, God has used the Gethsemane Prayer School to train and commission more than 100,000 prayer warriors, intercessors, and lay people all over the world. The Gethsemane Prayer School has a global reputation for sound Bible based teachings on diverse aspects of prayer and effective spiritual warfare. The ministry has its headquarters in Ibadan, Nigeria.

(2.) Prayer School, Prayer Academy, Prayer Conferences, and Prayer Seminar.

(a). The Prayer school is packaged to train believers generally in the art and practice of spiritual warfare. It is an academic package with spiritual fire. It involves the use of teaching manuals and prayer tutorials. Particpants are required to register at stipulated amount.

(b.) The prayer academy is packaged specifically for leaders like pastors, evangelists, missionaries, church planters, business people, corporate managers, and enterprenuers. It also involves the use of teaching manuals and prayer tutorials. Participants are also required to register at stipulated amount.

(c.) The prayer seminar is packaged for church workers, prayer bands, intercessory groups, and other specialized audiences. It may require the use of teaching manuals and the payment of registration fees, depending on the discretion of the host and facilitators.

(d.) The prayer conference is packaged according to the discretion of the host. Normally, it does not involve the use of teaching manuals or payment of registration fees by participants; the full cost of the conference is borne by the host.

(3.)Why Prayer School?

(a.) The Bible teaches that a Christian is a soldier in the army of God. The Bible knows nothing of a civilian Christian. Hence the need to train Christians in Bible based spiritual military operations.

Unfortunately, in the attempt to make the gospel message attractive, some modern preachers have left many Christians with the impression that spiritual warfare is not important. However, the practical life experiences of these believers continue to show that something vital is missing in their Christian profession. In most cases, prayer and spiritual warfare is the missing ingredient in a defeated Christian, professional, and ministerial life. All spiritual decays begin from the prayer closet.

(b.)The general prayerlessness and apathy to prayer and spiritual warfare in the church are responsible for the incursions of the enemy into every area of our Christian life ? personal, professional, marital, financial, ministerial, territorial, national, and continental.

(c.) Most Bible colleges and seminaries do not have comprehensive prayer curricullum in their programmes. Consequently, they produce graduates who are mostly loaded with theological knowledge and doctrines but lack spiritual fire.

(4.) Spread / Areas of Operation So Far

The Gethsemane Prayer School has successfully held prayer schools, prayer academies, and prayer conferences in Europe, Asia, United States of America, Australia, and Africa.

Some of the Nigerian churches and Christian bodies that have successfully hosted the Gethsemane Prayer School are The Redeemed Christian Church of God, The Foursquare Gospel Church, The Anglican Church, The Methodist Church, The Baptist Church, The Word of Life Bible Church, All Christian Fellowship Mission, Obafemi Awolowo University Staff and Students, Church of God Mission, etc.

Prayer schools and prayer conferences have been held in almost all the major cities of Nigerian, and at least 100,000 students / participants have been trained globally.

(5.) Board and Faculty Members

(a.) Board of the Gethsemane Prayer School

Chairman – Pastor E.A Adeboye

Patrons – Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor

Professor Jerry Gana

Reverend (Professor) Yusuf Obaje

Matrons – Pastor (Mrs) Funmi Aransiola

Mrs. Margret Oransanye

President – Revd. Dr. Moses Aransiola

Director – Pastor Isaac Adeleke

Registrar – Pastor Bayo Owoseni

Asst. Registrar – Pastor Segun Adejoh

Secretary – Pastor Dimeji Adeyemo

(b.) Faculty Members / Lecturers

1. Pastor Isaac Adeleke (Nigeria)

2. Pastor Leke Sanusi (UK)

3. Pastor Victor Amosu (UK)

4. Pastor (Mrs) Eniwaju Etomi (UK)

5. Bayo Owoseni (Nigeria)

6. Pastor Tim Ofoha (Nigeria)

7. Revd. Hezekiah Olanrewaju (Nigeria)

8. Revd. Jonathan Adeboye (Nigeria)
9. Pastor Gbenga Akande (Nigeria)

10.Pastor Hosea Adeniyi (Nigeria)

11. Pastor Moses Gbenu

(6.) Available Courses and Course Contents


1.1 Some Reasons Why We Pray. (G.P.S. BC01).

Course Contents:

Ø Some reasons why we pray.

Ø The Quiet Time.

Ø Different kinds of Prayers.

Ø Fasting.

Ø Steps to Revival of Prayer Life.

1.2 The Tabernacle of Moses (G.P.S BC02)

Course Contents

Ø Prayer: The Secret of Strength

Ø I am Not Satisfied

Ø Renewed Altars For Fresh Encounters

Ø The Tabernacle of Moses

Ø The Holy Place

Ø Practical Guide For Getting Results In Prayer

1.3 Total Deliverance From Prayerlessness (G.P.S. BCP 01).

Course Contents:

Ø Different definitions of prayer.

Ø The amazing results of prayer.

Ø Prayerlessness

Ø The tragic consequences of prayerlessness.

Ø Steps to Revival of a collapsed prayer life.

1.4 Developing and Sustaining a Strong Prayer Life. (GPS BCP 02).

Course Contents:

Ø Lord teach me to Pray.

Ø The prayer of Jesus ? A pattern for us.

Ø Jesus Teaching on Prayer.

Ø Prayer in the early church.

Ø Practical suggestions about prayer.

Ø Prayer to revive your prayer and spiritual life.


2.1 Strategies For Victory in Prayer Warfare (GPS ? ITC0-1)

Course Contents:

Ø Different kinds of Prayer.

Ø Dealing with altars of affliction.

Ø Altars and covenants.

Ø Specialized Prayers.

Ø Effective spiritual warfare through revelations.

Ø Steps to revival of the prayer life.

2.2 Training and Mobilizing the Church for Intercessory Prayers. (GPS ? I03).

Course Contents:

Ø The value of Prayer.

Ø The role of intercessory prayers in these end times.

Ø Different kinds of prayer.

Ø The mechanism of true prayer.

Ø What is intercession?

Ø Practical description and mission of intercessors.

Ø The marks of true intercessor.

Ø The portraits of an intercessor.

Ø The place of corporate intercession in God?s work.

Ø Interceding for Missions, Missionaries and Cities.

Ø Prayer Evangelism.

Ø Fasting

Ø Beginning and Maintaining a successful prayer life.

2.3 The Power and Dynamics of Prevailing Prayers. (GPS-ITCO-03)

Course Contents

Ø The Power and Dynamics of Prayers

Ø How to Pray When You Pray

Ø Mighty Prevailing Prayers

Ø The Role of Perseverance in Prevailing Prayer

Ø The Holy Spirit and Prevailing Prayers

Ø Prophetic Prayers and Prophetic Intercession

Ø Getting Answers from God

Ø Daily Strategic and Survival Prayers

2.4 Winning the Battles of Life. (GPS-ITCO-04)

Course Contents

Ø Dimensions of life?s Battles

Ø Definitions and the Power of Prayer

Ø The Concept of Spiritual Warfare

Ø Understanding and Contending with the Strongman

Ø Victory over 12 Principal Anti-Success Spirits

Ø Open and Closed Heavens

Ø Altars and Covenants

Ø Dealing with Altars of Affliction

Ø Winning the Battle of Healing and Health

Ø Success and Survival Strategies in the Office/Market Place

Ø Effective Spiritual Warfare through Revelations

Ø Strategic Prayers

2.5 Exercising Kingdom Authority (GPS-ITCO-05)

Course Contents

Ø Releasing Kingdom Dividends

Ø Definitions and the Power of Prayer

Ø Understanding God?s Kingdom

Ø How God?s Kingdom Works

Ø Kingdom Lifestyle

Ø Different Levels of Kingdom (Spiritual) Authority

Ø The Battle of the Kingdoms

Ø Enforcing Kingdom Authority

Ø The Violent Takes it by Force

Ø Advancing God?s Kingdom Through Prayer

2.6 Empowered by Fire (GPS-ITCO-06)

Course Contents

Ø The Effective Prayer Life

Ø Introduction to Fire

Ø The Benefits of Fire

Ø A Fresh Touch (fresh fire)

Ø Introduction to Revival

Ø Revival Fire for Spiritual Exploits

Ø Instruments of Revival

Ø Rekindling the Fire

Ø The Baptism of Fire

Ø Contending by Fire

Ø Let the Fire Fall

Ø Quenching the Fiery Arrows of the Wicked

Ø The Unction to Function

Ø Tactical Prayers for Souls Harvest

Ø From Story to Glory

2.7 The Power of Destiny (GPS ? ITCO-07)

Ø How to Pray When You Pray

Ø Understanding Destiny

Ø Our Destiny in God

Ø The Womb of Destiny

Ø Discovering Destiny

Ø Fulfilling Destiny

Ø Helpers of My Destiny: Arise!

Ø Hindrances to Destiny Fulfillment

Ø Power Over Destiny Wasters

Ø Destiny Recovery and Restoration

Ø Battle For Destiny

Ø Understanding the Alpha and Omega Anointing

Ø Nations and People of Peculiar Destinies

Ø The Prophetic Destiny of Nigeria and Africa

Ø Specialized Prayer for Destiny Recovery


3.7Concepts, Precepts and Practice of Spiritual Warfare. (GPS-SPC-01).

Course Contents:

Ø Different kinds of Prayers.

Ø Satanic attacks on Prayer and how to deal with them.

Ø The concept of spiritual warfare.

Ø The first principles of spiritual warfare.

Ø Deliverance from oppression, evil covenants and curses.

Ø Warfare and deliverance prayers.

3.8Dealing With Strategic Targets in Spiritual Warfare. (GPS-SPC-02)

Course Contents:

Ø Eagle saints arise ? The benefits of prayer.

Ø Eagle saints in prayer ? The qualities of an eagle.

Ø Generational sins and their implications.

Ø Understanding spiritual gates.

Ø Turning the battles to the gate.

Ø Dealing with witchcraft.

Ø Water spirits, their activities and effects.

Ø Changing your times and seasons and uprooting satanic gates.


4.7The anointing and Prayer Unction. (GPS -A01).

Course Contents:

Ø Definition of concepts of the anointing.

Ø The anointing for service.

Ø What makes the anointing to work.

Ø The anointing of prayer.

Ø Prayer burdens.

Ø The operations of the prayer anointing.

4.8Prayer Startegies for Revivals, Missions, Miracles, Crusades and Personal Evangelism. (Prayer for the Harvest). (GPS ? A02).

Course Contents:

Ø Praying men, revivals and frontier breakthroughs.

Ø Reasons why prayer is so much important in global harvest.

Ø Praying for crusades and outreaches.

Ø Prayer evangelism (Praying down miracles).

Ø How to pray for evangelism (Mass & Personal).

Ø Specialized prayers (Praying for the spiritually lost).

4.9Spiritual Mapping Techniques for Effective and Strategic Prayer Warfare (Identifying and Dealing With Territorial Spirits) (GPS-A03).

Course Contents:

Ø Understanding ancestral covenants and altars.

Ø Identifying and dealing with territorial strongholds (Spiritual Mapping).

Ø Practical instructions for spiritual mapping.

Ø Prophetic prayer actions ? An international territorial intercessor.

Ø Practical results of spiritual mapping.

Ø Steps to take for practical territorial or community deliverance.

Spiritual mapping and territorial research project (Questionnaire).

4.10 Prophetic Prayers and Prophetic Actions. (GPS ? A04).

Course Contents:

Ø Different kinds of prayers.

Ø Prophetic intercession and prophetic prayer.

Ø Why prophetic prayer works.

Ø Conditions for prophetic prayers.

Ø Prophetic actions.

4.11 Understanding, Receiving and Walking in God?s anointing. (GPS-A05)

Course Contents

Ø Understanding the Anointing

Ø Anointing for Service

Ø Different Service Anointings and their effects

Ø The Prayer Anointing

Ø Prayer Burdens

Ø The Oil of Prayer

Ø Privileges of the Anointing

Ø How to Receive the Anointing

Ø What makes the Anointing to Work

Ø Peculiar Manifestations of the Anointing

Ø Prayer to Receive the Anointing of the Spirit

4.6 The Power and the Effects of Foundations. (GPS-A06)

Course Contents

Ø The Definitions and the Power of Prayer

Ø What are Foundations?

Ø The Effects of Foundations

Ø Generational Sins and Their Implications

Ø Thrones: Their Foundations and the Effects

Ø Types of Foundational Gates

Ø Practical Manifestations of Faulty Foundations

Ø Deliverance from Unprofitable Foundations

Ø Strategic Revival and Deliverance Prayers

4.7 Deliverance Upon Mount Zion (GPS ? A07)

Course Contents

Ø The Meaning and Purpose of Deliverance

Ø Satanic Attacks on Destinies

Ø The Power of Deliverance

Ø Factors Responsible for Demonic Attacks

Ø Warning Signals

Ø True Believers and Demonic Attacks

Ø Dealing With The Spirit of Fear

Ø Dealing With Occult Roots/Involvement

Ø Curses and Their Remedies

Ø Breaking Ungodly Soul Ties

Ø Dealing With The Spirit of Rebellion

Ø Dealing With Jezebel and Ahab Spirits

Ø Territorial Deliverance

Ø Personal Spiritual Mapping


5.1 Power to Succeed. (GPS-BSC-A01)

Course Contents

Ø While men Slept

Ø Understanding Failure and Poverty

Ø The End of Dry Season

Ø Arise and Shine

Ø The Principle of Purpose

Ø The Principle of Faithfulness

Ø Wisdom, Mental Productivity and Excellence

Ø Responsibility and Hard work

Ø The Principle of Persistence (Stamina)

Ø The Principle of Prevailing Prayer

(7.) Course Fees (Prayer Schools)





Category A

N 1,500




Category B

750 ? 1,000




Category C


Category A ? Manual plus other materials (Full file)

Category B ? Manual plus few materials

Category C ? Only manual

(8.) Course Duration

(a). Prayer School ? Maximum of six days (with registration)

– Sunday to Saturday (evenings only)

(b). Prayer Conference ? Maximum of four days (No registration)

– Thursday to Sunday (evenings only)

(c.) Prayer Seminar ? From one (1) day to three (3) days (No registration)

(d.) Courses of greater volume require more time to teach. We therefore appreciate flexible time schedules for the teaching sessions.

(9.) Number of Registered Participants for Prayer School

– From 200 (two hundred) upwards

(10.) Expected Result / Benefits

– Revived prayer lives

– Impartation of fresh fire and anointing for exploits

– Dexterity and proficiency in prayer and spiritual warfare

– Congregational revival

– Ministers / workers alive and aflame

– Church growth

– Financial breakthrough

– Physical and spiritual breakthrough

– Revived prayer altars

– Victory in every area of life

– Miraculous healings, deliverances, provisions, promotions, etc.

– Better understanding of God?s word and work

– Ability to take spiritual, ministerial and territorial responsibility

– Anointing for crowd attraction and retention

(11.) Conditions for Hosting

(a). A fairly long notice

(b). Letter of invitation

(c). Agreement to pay for transportion of lecturers / ministers (from 2 persons upwards), provision of decent accomodation, provide good honourarium and other gifts as led by the Holy Spirit, and encourage the participation of other churches and ministries in the community or city.

(d). Provision of decent auditorium for lectures, stand-by worship team, audio and video recording facilities, registration stand and registration officials.

(12.) Nature of Certificate

Certificates of participation and proficiency shall be awarded to registered participants at the closing of the school. Our certificates are recognized globally, and can open useful doors of ministry opportunities to the holder.

(13.) Sustaining the Fire

Rekindled and revived prayer fire is one of the trademarks of our prayer schools. In order to sustain this fire of prayer, we expect the host church (through the leadership) to create a conducive atmosphere for continous prayer and intercession in the congregation. This is a good way to sustain the gains or benefits of hosting a prayer school.

(14.) Our Addresses


32, Ladoke Akintola Road, Eleyele,

U.I.P.O. Box 14697,

Ibadan, Nigeria.

Telephone: 234-7067420125. 234-8099198489

E-Mail: [email protected]


Lagos (Nigeria)

No. 20, Kayode Street Onipanu Ikorodu Road

Lagos. P.O Box 10499, Ikeja, Lagos

Tel: 01-4733603; 0802-302-7551, 08056265584.

E-mail: [email protected]


Police Officers Wives Complex

Beside Old Treasury House Garki

Garki Abuja. P.O Box 10858, Garki

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P.O. Box 15408,


Accra, Ghana.

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The United Kingdom & Europe

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