Welcome to Gethsemane Prayer Ministries International


Our vision is to minister to people who want to study the word of God in-depth and souls who are burdened for the Church of Christ.
We’re also called to minister to people who want to agonize for the salvation of lost souls and those who desire a more effective, result-oriented, and dynamic prayer life.

In like manner, we are called to minister to people who want to refresh their souls with the Living Water of everlasting life as well as those who need personal revival and desire to possess their possession.
Above all, we desire to minister to people who want to know how to pray and teach men to pray.
Finally, we are called to minister to people who are burdened for God’s glory in their land and those who want to engage the satanic hosts of wickedness in spiritual warfare.


We have a call, burden, and the anointing of the Lord to win souls for Jesus Christ, to teach the word of God, to pray, and to teach men to pray and get results. Therefore:
We mobilize Christians to pray fervent and prevailing prayers for their lands while praying and preaching to also save the lost.
Also, we have a vision of raising and mobilizing an army of prayer warriors all over Nigeria and Africa and the entire world who will not hold their peace nor give the Lord rest until the kingdoms of Nigeria, Africa and the world at large have become the kingdom of God and of His Christ.
In addition, we organize prayer conferences, retreats, seminars, travailing and tarrying meetings, and fasting meetings.
Still, we accept invitation from churches and fellowships groups to conduct prayer seminars and revival meetings.




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